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Sonic and I: From Raveakidd to Sonic Mania

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 4:30 PM
Aye peeps! I'm 23 now! woop! (Birthday was on the 14th) manz got wasteeeed!

Anyway so I was supposed to write this up last weekend but iv'e been super busy! It's still relevant though so here goes!
A week ago I attended The London based Sonic the Hedgehog convention "Summer of Sonic" and oh man what a blast I had! (Could almost call it "BLAST PROCESSING" *snort*)

Sonic Mania is a game I have wanted for over a decade now (Pretty much half my life lmao) and I got to actually play it! From what we have seen and what I have had the pleasure of actually playing so far. Christian Whitehead and his team have nailed exactly what Sonic the Hedgehog is all about. As far as "classic" sonic is concerned anyway. The art style is on point. The music is on point and the god damn it the gameplay is ON POINT. I'm not going to go into massive detail but trust me... It's fantastic!!!

But that's not really what I want to talk about here... It's been 6 years now since I joined DeviantART as the artist you know me as today. But like everyone else on here hitting at least their 20's or late teens I didn't just come from nowhere. In fact I have quite an extensive history here on the internet. None of it that amazing but some of it worth writing about now that I feel comfortable enough to talk about it so here goes!

Long story short. I was a Sonic fan. I mean I will always be a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog don't get me wrong. Sonic is a huge influence to me but i'm talking about the sort of passion which many people would unfortunately find quite obnoxious by today's standards. A "fanboy" if you will and not the kind of fanboy which is full of love ironically. In fact. Most of the time I was quite negative about Sonic the Hedgehog. Ironic right? I'll get to that in a bit.

Iv'e moved on to doing my own things since and i'm glad. =w= However on the odd occasion people bring up Sonic to me I end up leaving them speechless gobsmacked after linking them to my Sonic Toy Collection or something! (which I still own and display with pride haha) Despite that I've been pretty low key about Sonic........ Until Sonic Mania that is >W>

However Lets rewind back to the years between 2009 and 2011... I'm going to share with you the story of my SANIC days!

Where to begin with my Sonic fanboy phase.. oh man. Well let me just start by saying i'm a very nostalgic person and that's probably quite evident in my artwork. However between the ages of 16 to 18 I was particularly obsessed with reliving the glory days of my childhood for some reason. And what was a big part of my childhood?... SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! of course! Upon setting up my old Sega Megadrive and getting out my old comics I was once again just as enthralled with the blue dude as I was when I was ten!

However this was at a time when Sonic the Hedgehog as a franchise was in a rough spot. Not quite a meme yet with everyone calling him SANIC like nowadays but still what many consider the dark ages. Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Black Knight etc.. Whatever your personal opinion is on that era there's no denying it just wasn't hitting the same notes that the games before it were hitting. Now, I'm not saying I jumped on a bandwagon but seeing this happen to my beloved childhood hero was heartbreaking and with that came a hatred for this "new sonic" ...

I became a self proclaimed "Oldskool Sonic fan" 
Yep, you guessed it. I was actually one of those people who screamed "EW SONIC HAS GREEN EYES!" (Before Sammyclassicsonicfan was a thing) at the Sonic 4 reveal trailer. I was one of those fans who constantly shat on anything past Sonic Heroes with just pure mindless anger and not a sense of constructive criticism in sight. Yes I was one of THOSE. Like most young teenagers I took these angry opinions to the internet and thus "RAVEAKIDD" was born. 

Back then I went by the alias "Raveakidd" on Youtube (Pronounced "Rave ah kidd" but I knew nobody thought of it that way lmao) and the less tongue twisty / more accurate "Raverkidd" here on DeviantART. 

First lets take a look at the holy grail shitstain which is my old DeviantART. >:3

At first glance it's a mess. And honestly that's because it is. Artistically this was a time of experimentation for me. I was still finding my art style and what better way to explore it though Sanic the fucking Hedgehog. It's almost as if I had a split personality disorder (meaning no offence of course but it's honestly the only way i can describe the complete shift in artistic direction from picture to picture.)

On one hand I had this cutesy art style. My "vision" for Sonic if you will. Thick lines and block colours. It's actually rather cute tbh

Sonic Freedom Saga page 1 ? by raverkiddOldskool Sonic Sticker Set 3 by raverkiddSuper Sonic Sticker Set by raverkidd
Wait up Sonic by raverkiddSonic Reference sheet by raverkiddcute Amy rose design by raverkiddDJ Sonic by raverkidd

And on the complete opposite side of the spectrum was erm... This.

The Return by raverkiddLung time noh Sea by raverkiddface to face by raverkiddin space by raverkidd
How new sonic Games are made by raverkiddin his wooooooorld by raverkiddi love Silver x Blaze by raverkiddSmoke Weed Everyday by raverkidd

A parody of "modern" Sonic I suppose. Lovingly named "Porkupine Man"... This fellow became somewhat of a mascot to me. "Pork" and his friends were a grotesque and hilarious representation of everything I hated about Sonic at the time. A perfect way of voicing my disgust! Thin, scratchy lines and body horror in a blender with the sole purpose to shock, creep out and traumatize any one who happened to stumble upon it. It's the perfect example of trying too hard to get a reaction. ;P Marvel upon the beauty that is Porkupine man! :3 can you even believe this is my art???? hahahaa

Sometimes I would even pit my two conflicting styles together because fuck it!

Meeting the end by raverkiddThe Night before Sonics Death by raverkidd

Other than that there's some other random bits and bobs worth showcasing I guess. Photography was something I was also interested in and often incorporated my Sonic toys into them. Also some drawings preluding the "furry" which was to take over in a couple years to come. So that's interesting in a general none sonic related sense I suppose ;P

Sonic and tails in the jungle by raverkiddsonic in techno ruins zone by raverkiddOldskool raver by raverkiddMy DeviantID by raverkidd
Toni Koneko Biro Drawing by raverkiddMy Little Kitten by raverkiddKowawa by raverkidd

One more thing worth mentioning is despite being an artist, being a sonic fan AND enjoying making my own characters (Especially now obviously) I was never really into Sonic fan characters myself surprisingly. I did however have one crack at it one time but I never really expanded upon it.. "Rave" the bunny I called him. He's lame as fuck but he's got some charm I suppose lol. Funny thing is I guess he does kind of remind me of my current fursona "Jai Q" in a way ;P Although Rave hadn't crossed my mind at the time of Jai Q's creation. honest

Rave the Bunny 'My 1st OC' by raverkidd~ The Scifi JackRabbit ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

That about wraps it up for DeviantART I guess..

Believe it or not, while always being an artist, Youtube was more my home online than DeviantART at this time and this is where shit really hit the fan for me. Under the username Raveakidd I actually became somewhat of a small figurehead for the angry classic only side of the sonic fanbase (on youtube). Or at least that's what it felt like. I gained a following of around 2000 subscribers on the site during this period and treated them like a personal army lmao. Me and a group of Sonic fanboy friends would go troll and flame other Sonic fans for fun among other things. All in all I was a grumpy dickhead cunt with a large ego and I loved it! 

Now this was back when Youtube videos had only just shifted to the 16 by 9 aspect ratio and fully customizable channels with gross neon colours and repeating backgrounds was still a thing. Leaving comments on peoples channels was a common past time unlike today and my channel in particular became somewhat of a forum for people to argue about Sonic all day, everyday. ;P 

Trolling was still a relatively new concept at that time. Well.. let me rephrase that.. Not new but more hitting it's peak. Creating cynical piss take videos out of your favorite video game franchise was all the rage back then. Sort of like Youtube poop but with an angry undertone attached to it. Sonic the Hedgehog being the fucking mess of a gaming icon he was, was perfect for exploiting this sort of behavior. Nowadays we call it shitposting I suppose. And shitposting is what I did best!

Unfortunately a lot of it I have had to set to private now (Including my cringe face cam Sonic VLOGS where I would just rant about video games for up to 30 minutes at a time whilst wearing an anime bunny hat) But a lot of it still sits there untouched so lets take a look!
With Windows Movie Maker and the internet at my fingertips I was responsible for creating and posting great hits such as...

A video outright stolen by another fan and spliced up to hilarious Russian donk music.

A short but jarring video of what I thought was an accurate representation of Sonics decline in quality. 

I don't even know what this is.

And This last one getting over 100k views. Sometimes I go back to change the year to current one when i'm bored for no particular reason (Which is why it says 2015) (I can't be bothered to make it 2016 before you ask) but yeah.. intentional rubbish editing including bad spelling always made peoples blood boil. Which was exactly what i wanted! >:3

More interestingly however was my animations. Yep! I animated! Sonic related of course but still, they are pretty neat (despite the context) even to this day! Still very shitposty but worth a look! And yeah, Porkupine man returns to take the spotlight again!

This last one actually voice acted by myself ;P


Despite the obnoxious asshole vibe to most of my content there was still a few videos I made in a less negative light. 

A tribute to Classic Sonic

probably one of the most original AMV's ever made. (If I do say so myself haha) and here's where my current interests in music are still kind of present early on. So here's Sonic the Hegdgehog rapping to dutty Drum and Bass music! lool

A tribute to one of the Sonic comics I grew up with. (yep the British one published by Fleetway) backed by some sick nineties rave tune!

Anyway, to wrap things up..

This went on for about 2 years and like most people who were doing the same thing.. I just got fed up with it. Being miserable all the time isn't fun. Especially about something you love. So I stopped being negative. For a while I focused more on my DeviantART page. I paid less attention to my Youtube and thought id'e take advantage of my Drawing / Animation skills. I briefly pursued a Sonic fan animation titled "Sonic Freedom Saga" in this time.. Of course this never went anywhere but what I produced was nice and you can check it out here! 

Eventually, however I just lost interest in Sonic entirely... Or more.. the passion for it. I was certain Sonic was never going to be good again (lmao) so I just left it behind. THEN I FUCKED OFF AND BECAME A FURRY LOLOLOL THE END. 

But naw really like.. I learned that life isn't all that great when your negative all the time. And it especially seems silly over something like video games. I pursued something which made me happy.. and that's apparently drawing big boobs and butts.. Not sure how I came to that but i'll take it lmao! 

Don't get me wrong. I'm still not a fan of those Sonic games and "modern sonic" in general AND probably never will be but there's no need to be a legit cunt over it. This is what kind of saddens me about internet culture and it's that there's so much negativity.. even about the things which we love and enjoy. One of the reasons I love the furry community is because there's not much of this present. I mean it has it's drama but in general it is very supportive and nice! Meanwhile there's an argument somewhere on a youtube video about video games getting well out of hand and it's just.... Lifes too short for that shit man xD Just enjoy playing your damn game! Jeez! ;P

I was originally going to go into way more detail about Sonic itself in this journal but I just can't be bothered lol.. I would probably start a huge argument.. I also missed out a bunch of things like before I was a sonic fanboy and the brief period of becoming a furry artist.. But i'll leave those for another time.. So instead I told you this little story about growing up I guess.. Because looking back that's exactly what I did ;P 

I'm not going to lie.. I have fond memories of the "raveakidd" days! If I hated them or was ashamed of them I would have deleted and buried it all long ago =w= 

Despite going on to do my own shit, Sanic and dankhog will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm very excited about Sonic Mania! :heart: So excited I actually posted the trailer to Raveakidd with a Thankyou message! lol The first video I have posted there in years ;P

Just a shame it didn't come out back then instead of Sonic 4 huh??? bahahaha!


Anyway.. More art to come sooooon! Thanks for supporting me peeps! :D
~ SFJR (Formally "Rave") >wO

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United Kingdom
So Furry
Music Tumblr

I never really know what to say about myself to be honest =w=

Im Jack, Im 20 and im from London :3

I like urban Gangsta street bizzle :iconsexyseriouscatplz:

I guess im just a guy who loves to draw and gets easily inspired by everything around me. You can probably tell im abit of an urban enthusiast looking at my pics. I have alot of hobbies such as drawing obviously... But also writing (otherwise I wouldn't be making a comic >w>) DJing (Under the alias JAI-Q) skating (aggressive inline), exploring abandoned urban places, going raves frequently, and collecting Sonic the Hedgehog toys and old video games. X3. I have a huge interest in music. particularly the more underground sounds here in London such as Jungle, Drum and Bass and Grime ;3 Im the type of guy you would find standing at the back of the rave monging out. XD either that or going completely ape shit hardcore skanking in the crowd. (As I mentioned earlier I also DJ and have quite a big vinyl collection) Im also quite chatty and tend to reply to my comments alot so don't feel shy to talk to me :3 Most of my art is anthro. I just enjoy it more than drawing regular human characters so I guess you can call me a furry. I really don't care =w=

oh and judging from a good handful of my art here .... theres no denying im your typical boy >w> ... I like big boobs, round asses, Thick thighs and Minxy eyes >w< :heart:

I currently have 3 projects underway, "CJRFM", "Dennis the dog" (both original creations) and my Sonic the hedgehog fan project "Sonic Rewind"


Im currently setting up a website that should be up and running soon


~ Jai Q ~ Bits and Pieces Mix ~ See Below by SCIFIJACKRABBIT
~ Jai Q ~ Bits and Pieces Mix ~ See Below
Art © SFJR 2016

Livestream Mix - 22-09-2016 -

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Was going to post it on Youtube but this happened... So looks like it's going to have to remain a mystery ;)
~ Another BASSLINE RELOADED teaser ~ See Below
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I finally finished putting together THIS IS BASSLINE RELOADED! The sequel to THIS IS BASSLINE (2014) W00P! Now I’m just working on the artwork for it! I can’t contain myself though so here’s a little 5 minute snippet from the mix (cut and edited a bit so i could make it snappy.. This section is slightly longer in the full hour and 20 minutes) Yeah it’s a big one! 40 Tracks total so watch out for it!

Take a listen Here or Here! ;P


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~ Friends ~

(Warning: This story may contain sensitive material. Includes themes and mentions of: Bullying, Self harm and Sexual assault. You have been warned)

It was a dreary white charged sky that morning. Nothing out of the ordinary for grey suburban London. The secondary school playground buzzed with the playful banter and dramatic gestures of uniformed teenagers. By the gate, alone stood a young fifteen year old cat. She blew bubble gum with a bored expression upon her face, her pointy kitty ears plugged into small headphones which led to her Ipod shuffle. She was observant despite this and watched as more young boys and girls congregated around her, flooding in through the entrance to start the day. The wild, cute little pigtails sprouting from random parts of her head bobbed up and down as she tapped her trainers to the beat. Bright neon Nike air max. A stark juxtaposition with her monochrome school uniform.

She held up her ipod to change the music when something caught her eye. Or more accurately, someone. Walking slowly through the sea of grey and black uniforms her eyes fixated on another young girl. She stood out from the rest despite her posture and mannerisms. Holding some large textbooks to her chest tightly, reserved and quiet. She didn’t want to attract attention, but her long, silver-white hair blew in the light breeze almost hypnotically and perfect as if in a movie. Her white fringe covered her eyes obscuring her face but the cat knew she knew she was pretty somehow still. She was a panda bear, a rare species and despite being a little bit tubby she was the most mysteriously beautiful girl the cat had ever laid her eyes upon. She needed to meet her.

The school bell rang snapping the cat out of her trance. With a small grin, she slung her Nike “just do it” bag over her shoulder and walked towards the looming brick building.

The classroom was half empty and already five minutes had gone by without a teacher in sight. The cat sat quietly at her desk, cheek in her paw as she tapped her pen on it. The classroom was small and cramped, and despite the walls being a bleak white broken up by the odd educational poster or single frosted hospital-’esque window it was depressingly dim inside. Suddenly noise erupted from behind the walls before the single door at the front of the room  swung open. She staggered inside, the girl with the silver-white hair, she dropped her text books on the floor as laughter cackled from the corridor behind. The cats ears perked up seeing her so close. In behind the panda stepped two other girls. Instantly recognizable as Becky and Shaniqua. The “bitch duo” of set four. Becky was a short, fat, chav weasel of a girl. Immediately annoying in appearance in presence. Shaniqua was tall and had the most unfortunate looking face for a skunk lacky. Both had their eyebrows drawn on crudely with makeup pencil, their eyelids splashed with a hooker blue as their hair scraped back into their skulls, jutting out pompous little pony tails. They stank of smoke.

“Wot r u a fuckin emo or summin?” Becky cackled “get up u dutty sket!”
The cat looked on in dismay from the corner of the classroom where she sat, unable to interject the situation.
”Didn’t u hear her Blud! Get up!” Shaniqua shouted. The cat looked at the girl. Knees on the floor, shaking as she picked up her books. She caught a glimpse of her eyes under her thick white fringe. Tearful and sad lined with thick mascara which was beginning to leak.
“I bet she cuts herself under those wrist bands innit!?” Shaniqua commented.
Becky trotted forward grabbing the pandas hair and yanking her up. She yelped in pain. Nobody in the class said a word but just watched. Some even smiling sadistically. The cat looked on in disbelief.
“Why was u talkin to my man for?” Becky demanded, shouting in her ear.
“I...I.. wasn’t..” The panda replied weakly in a soft but desperate, damaged voice
“Don’t lie to me u little emo bitch I saw u chattin him up! Lettin him feel u up n shit! Don’t lie to me!” she tightened her grip on the pandas delicate hair, shaking her with each word. Shaniqua put her paw to her mouth holding in her foul laughter.
“I didn’t let him! He...” The panda started sobbing before she could finish her sentence. Becky interrupted anyway
“U think I don’t know bruv?? U think cuz ur the new girl and u have big tits u can get any man? Psssh!” “Yhh I bet they sag to the floor as well bruv! LOLZ” Shaniqua added snorting with obnoxious laughter.
Giggles and sniggers could be heard around the class. The cat looked around stunned by the lack of pity for the helpless girl. Becky let go of her harshly, her hair gliding silently down beside her quivering body. Walking by her side she raised her shoe, kicking the poor panda in the gut! She squealed in pain falling to her side.
“Don’t U EVER talk to my man again u freak emo bitch! Or i’ll get my gyaldem to shank u in more places than ur wrists! Watch!”.. Shaniqua had no comment. Becky raised her shoe again.
She lowered her voice into a harsh, quiet tone, leaning over her
“I heard wot happened to ur mummy as well.. No wonder ur a shitty emo..”
She spat on the floor raising her foot higher

“Leave her alone!!”
Behind them from the corner of the class came a loud screech of a chair moving. The cat girl stood up looking at the bullies dead on with a serious expression.
“wot???” Becky replied swinging around scowling. She suddenly smiled evilly upon noticing her. “You can’t be serious bruv!” She laughed “The fuckin skank who bunks off school to suck off every butterz man in England is gonna do sumin?” Everyone knows ur the next biggest sket to this weak emo bitch! don’t eveeen tryy!”
“She hasn’t done anything wrong innit! Just alow it!” The cat shouted pleadingly.
“Just watch me!” Becky claimed sadistically. She turned out to face the panda lying on the floor gasping for air.

Within a second the cat leaped onto her desk and started sprinting over the classroom across the tables towards them knocking over pencils and papers in a flurry. “Wot the!?” Shaniqua blurted before her face was met with a bright neon Nike air max. Her jaw distorted in slow motion as a tooth flew out, followed by a speck of blood. She slammed against the wall falling down. The cat landed swiftly right in front of Becky looking down at her fat annoying face with a naughty smile. The panda looked up at the pair facing off. She gazed at her unlikely saviour with an expression of bewilderment before the two clashed together. The class ritualistic chants of “GYALDEM BEEF!!!” and “CAT FIGHT!!!” fading into the hair pulling, nail scratching, blood curdling fight.

The panda walked quietly down the school corridor. It was calm now and most people were out for lunch. She sighed carrying her books still with a slight pain in her stomach, her fringe still covering her eyes. She noticed a figure sitting on a small chair down the hall and proceeded with a slight caution.
“Yo!” A familiar voice chirped. The cat sat outside the main office. Her face bruised and patched up with a couple plasters.
“H..hi..” The panda replied nervously looking down at her “Thank you for er..”
The cat interrupted with a smirk. “It’s cool bruv! She had it coming for time lol might get suspended again but whatevs... I would av done summin sooner but to be honest like, Those girls fuckin' terrify me too! haha!” She took a gulp from a can of energy drink. “You’re new here innit? What’s your name?”
The Panda hesitated for a second..
“it’s Luna..” she replied quietly. Her voice was soft but had a chirpy east London cockney twang to it which the cat hadn’t noticed before. She brushed her fringe to the side revealing a warm yet striking mascara framed eye “Luna Paws..”
The cat had her own moment of silence as she looked at her. She really was very beautiful. She even blushed a little bit.
“Yo That’s a bare cute name!” she remarked back with a gleaming toothy smile. She held out her paw to shake Luna’s
“I’m Tilisha! But everyone calls me Minx! Nice to meet you Luu!”
~ A Concrete Jungle Story ~ Friends ~
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Story and Characters © SCIFIJACKRABBIT 2016

~ Friends ~

(Warning: This story may contain sensitive material. Includes themes and mentions of: Bullying, Self harm and Sexual assault. You have been warned)

Bout time I uploaded some literature that isn't porn =w=

Iv'e had this scene conceptualizing and playing over and over in my head for a long time now... and It's about time I get it down on paper (or.. computer.. you know what i mean -w-) Would have preferred it in comic form but who knows when that's coming so aye! More lore!!!

Please bare in mind this story does contain a lot of London/UK slang! I can't be bothered to add a glossary so please just do your research! (if you can't figure it out on your own)

Sorry if punctuation and grammar is all over the place.. I'm heading out tomorrow and wanted to get something out quick so spent the last couple hours writing this

Introducing a new male OC! :D 

203 deviants said ~ Minx and Myles ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT



Commissions : Closed


Trades: I do not do trades unless I feel up to it.

Requests: I DO NOT DO REQUESTS. sorry

.:: F.A.Q ::.

:bulletgreen: Myself :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Do you like sea lions?


:bulletblue: How long have you been drawing?

I would generically answer "All my life" because in some ways that is true. However I only took up drawing "seriously" around late 2010. (coincidentally when I Joined DeviantART and got into "furries" / Anthro)

:bulletblue: Have you studied art in education?

Throughout highschool all I would do during class was sit at the back and draw comic strips when I was supposed to be doing math. Art in school wasn't my idea of fun so I didn't enjoy doing it really. However I pulled through in the end and got decent grades for it... Now I am currently studying illustration (in my second year) at university in London.

:bulletblue: How did you get ""good"" at drawing?

Alot of people like to say practice makes perfect. and in some context that's true. However I believe what truly acts as a vehicle for improvement is "Effort" and "ambition". Put your all into everything you do. Think to yourself. "I wan't to make this piece of art better than the last. Don't be lazy and half arse anything!

:bulletblue: Where do your ideas come from / what inspires you?

Sitting at the back of a grimey London bus listening to Banging tunes and going raving (usually by myself)

:bulletblue: Do anything els besides art?

Besides arting I am quite heavily involved in music. As a side hobby I collect records and DJ under the alias "JAI Q". I have also been dabbling in music production using FL studio. For more of an insight on my music (mixes and prods) check out my soundcloud -->

:bulletblue: Iv'e noticed a sexualised tinge to a good handful of your work. Care to explain? >u> ...

There's No denying I feel a little bit awkward talking about this but it can't go unspoken about. It's mainly a marketing "thing" ... It's a little technique iv'e used for knocking up views quickly in the hopes that perhaps someone will discover my more serious work. ... Oh fuck it who am I kidding! I love sassy Women!

:bulletblue: Are you a furry!?

I draw anthro characters so I guess??? I don't really care?

:bulletgreen: Art, Tools and Apparatuses :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: I can't tell if your art is traditional or digital. HALP???

See next question.

:bulletblue: What do you use to make your art and how?

Cheap 2B Pencils, Scrap paper, a Scanner and Photoshop elements 7. Sometimes I use an ink pen and a water brush… if im feeling fancy! I also use Microsoft Paint for pixel art here and there. As for the process it should be fairly self explanatory now lol! Scan in the drawing and Photoshop the hell out of that motherfucker!

:bulletgreen: Contact and Business :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: I wan't to commission you!

See link! -->

:bulletblue: How can I get in touch with you? :bulletblue:

Feel free to send me a note(personal message) here on DeviantART. If you don't have an account here I can still be found on other websites (see Journal section above).


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OI Jack! I just finished it…
I hope he fits well in ur universe ⊙﹏⊙╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
SsjxEd Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
What's Minx's thoughts on somebody raiding her wardrobe? i have a certain white kitty in mind. :)
AceOfSpades007 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey yo sci how ya doing man?  (o^^)o
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woah, amazing gallery!!! 
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burps on you 
mii husband 
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Sorry for being late, but still Happy Birthday from Hungary!
Keep up the SWEET bouncy work. :D
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Your art is amazing! Keep up the good work!
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Happy Late Birthday!!
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Hey man it's me from FA (cpthookjaw75) just found your gallery, art is still awesome as always :D so I decided to watch you on here cuz your awesome
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happy birthday
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* Sings happy birthday loudly and off key like a boss*Oh pinking lighting Jacksepticeye free emoticon Like a Boss 
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...the happiest of birthdays to you awesome artist...hope you're having a booty-tastic b-day!...X3
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