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Fan Corner

Here is the work of my awesome fans! Fan Art! , Art trades and even Fan fics are found here ^w^


Livestream mix!


:icongobbinfires: :iconnati2000: :icontsunax: :icontallaloca: :iconcutieadorable18:



Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 6:35 PM
  • Listening to: Not Grime lol


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United Kingdom
So Furry
Music Tumblr

I never really know what to say about myself to be honest =w=

Im Jack, Im 20 and im from London :3

I like urban Gangsta street bizzle :iconsexyseriouscatplz:

I guess im just a guy who loves to draw and gets easily inspired by everything around me. You can probably tell im abit of an urban enthusiast looking at my pics. I have alot of hobbies such as drawing obviously... But also writing (otherwise I wouldn't be making a comic >w>) DJing (Under the alias JAI-Q) skating (aggressive inline), exploring abandoned urban places, going raves frequently, and collecting Sonic the Hedgehog toys and old video games. X3. I have a huge interest in music. particularly the more underground sounds here in London such as Jungle, Drum and Bass and Grime ;3 Im the type of guy you would find standing at the back of the rave monging out. XD either that or going completely ape shit hardcore skanking in the crowd. (As I mentioned earlier I also DJ and have quite a big vinyl collection) Im also quite chatty and tend to reply to my comments alot so don't feel shy to talk to me :3 Most of my art is anthro. I just enjoy it more than drawing regular human characters so I guess you can call me a furry. I really don't care =w=

oh and judging from a good handful of my art here .... theres no denying im your typical boy >w> ... I like big boobs, round asses, Thick thighs and Minxy eyes >w< :heart:

I currently have 3 projects underway, "CJRFM", "Dennis the dog" (both original creations) and my Sonic the hedgehog fan project "Sonic Rewind"


Im currently setting up a website that should be up and running soon



Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 6:35 PM
  • Listening to: Not Grime lol
~ Bitchie and Finn ~
Bullet; Blue // Patreon // Tumblr // Art Tumblr // Furaffinity // Inkbunny // Facebook // Soundcloud // Pixiv // Weasyl // Twatter // Youtube // Bullet; Blue

:iconpatreon-plz: Support me on Patreon! 

Commissioned by lanceryanwilliams (once again! Thanks man :3)

Art and characters  © SCIFIJACKRABBIT 2016

More sibling antics! This time around, the chavtastic Liverpool fox twins going about their day! 

Finn may seem like a new addition to the roster but he's actually been around for a little while ( Just a bit updated! (I need to lay off the adidas tracksuits for once..) =3= Anyway unlike Minx and Myles who are opposites. Bitchie and Finn are pretty much the exact same in personality and looks (despite the obvious >W>) Finn tends to be the more immature one though. Being your typical young chav lad and all that whilst Bitchie is a bit more tsundere. She cares really but often comes off as obnoxious and well... Bitchy xD Both of them have ugly but arguably cute Liverpool accents. (depending on how you look at it) and hail from the city of the same name. A nice variation from my London based characters. :3 Bitchie isn't her real name by the way.. But i'll reveal that some other time lol.. speaking of.. PUT A DONK ON IT M8 SHE THIIIICCCC!!!!! :heart:

I forget how much I love to draw simple scenes to be honest.. I really should do more! -w-'' 

"Trackies" (also known as Joggies or Jogging bottoms) is the british word for "Sweatpants" by the way in case you were wondering ;P

Introducing a new male OC! :D 

197 deviants said ~ Minx and Myles ~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT



Commissions : Closed


Trades: I do not do trades unless I feel up to it.

Requests: I DO NOT DO REQUESTS. sorry

.:: F.A.Q ::.

:bulletgreen: Myself :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Do you like sea lions?


:bulletblue: How long have you been drawing?

I would generically answer "All my life" because in some ways that is true. However I only took up drawing "seriously" around late 2010. (coincidentally when I Joined DeviantART and got into "furries" / Anthro)

:bulletblue: Have you studied art in education?

Throughout highschool all I would do during class was sit at the back and draw comic strips when I was supposed to be doing math. Art in school wasn't my idea of fun so I didn't enjoy doing it really. However I pulled through in the end and got decent grades for it... Now I am currently studying illustration (in my second year) at university in London.

:bulletblue: How did you get ""good"" at drawing?

Alot of people like to say practice makes perfect. and in some context that's true. However I believe what truly acts as a vehicle for improvement is "Effort" and "ambition". Put your all into everything you do. Think to yourself. "I wan't to make this piece of art better than the last. Don't be lazy and half arse anything!

:bulletblue: Where do your ideas come from / what inspires you?

Sitting at the back of a grimey London bus listening to Banging tunes and going raving (usually by myself)

:bulletblue: Do anything els besides art?

Besides arting I am quite heavily involved in music. As a side hobby I collect records and DJ under the alias "JAI Q". I have also been dabbling in music production using FL studio. For more of an insight on my music (mixes and prods) check out my soundcloud -->

:bulletblue: Iv'e noticed a sexualised tinge to a good handful of your work. Care to explain? >u> ...

There's No denying I feel a little bit awkward talking about this but it can't go unspoken about. It's mainly a marketing "thing" ... It's a little technique iv'e used for knocking up views quickly in the hopes that perhaps someone will discover my more serious work. ... Oh fuck it who am I kidding! I love sassy Women!

:bulletblue: Are you a furry!?

I draw anthro characters so I guess??? I don't really care?

:bulletgreen: Art, Tools and Apparatuses :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: I can't tell if your art is traditional or digital. HALP???

See next question.

:bulletblue: What do you use to make your art and how?

Cheap 2B Pencils, Scrap paper, a Scanner and Photoshop elements 7. Sometimes I use an ink pen and a water brush… if im feeling fancy! I also use Microsoft Paint for pixel art here and there. As for the process it should be fairly self explanatory now lol! Scan in the drawing and Photoshop the hell out of that motherfucker!

:bulletgreen: Contact and Business :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: I wan't to commission you!

See link! -->

:bulletblue: How can I get in touch with you? :bulletblue:

Feel free to send me a note(personal message) here on DeviantART. If you don't have an account here I can still be found on other websites (see Journal section above).


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