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September 28, 2012
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Whoops! ~Updated~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT Whoops! ~Updated~ by SCIFIJACKRABBIT
Art, concept and Characters Jack Stevenson (CJRFM) 2012

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[[UPDATE: Decided to crop the animation like a cheeky bastard because the Shoulders/Hands were annoying me... solved the puzzle of the mysterious disapearing button below the cleavage so thats good. also attempted to fix the jiggling hair... to little avail... hmmm.. sorry to all who liked the other version. Better hoped you saved it xD]]

Pretty much my first attempt at serious animation... in ages xD

This was originally intended to be a redraw of [link] but ended up as something different altogether. Just a bit of fun mind you lol! Experimenting with the animation side of photoshop!

I think you need some new PJ's Lune :heart: just saying >//w//>

Anyway Hope you like it!


Comments, faves and crits are appreciated very much!!
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Even though this isn't the best, this is still a very nice animation, and despite it being heavily can't help but watch it over and over.
I like how you did a great job on moving the patterns along with the...uh. sudden unbuttoning.
The shading is very nice, forgetting the animation, it's still well done.
Not much to say, since noting out all the flaws here would be like beating a dead horse. ^^;
The background, however, does seem uncleaned, you can see the messiness in the paper change by how many frames there are as the animation goes.
That's really all I have to say. I still really love this animation, and could watch it ALL day. :meow:
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Critique by SalamiAsami Sep 28, 2012, 1:34:16 PM
It started out nice, then ended in a belly flop in the pool.

I don't know how many times I've seen this type of animation with the girl and her over-sized boobs poppin' out of her shirt. I'll admit, I never seen a panda chick do it though, so I gotta give you some credit for that. :)

Shoulder placement. Unless she just mystically pumped steroids, her shoulders shouldn't rise that much when her arms are perfectly still and in the same position.
Also, she has VERY broad shoulders for a girl which make her look man-ish. If it wasn't for the boobs, people would think she was a man.

The collar. It grew down to her boobs which is physically impossible unless you're some sort of clothes wizard. Lol

Her boobs. To show that they are being pressed together in an uncomfortable shirt, you could draw them more squished together and with some winkles. You just drew to beach balls together and made them bounce.
To make it even more effective, you can draw the boobs overlapping the shirt to show that they are just too big for it.

Hair. It just sits there on her boobs that are moving. That is some stiff ass hair gel. If you animate the boobs, you gotta animate EVERYTHING that is touching the boobs. This includes the hair.


All in all, I think this had A LOT of potential. It was just the lack of execution, anatomy and frame work that made it sink a little. Keep up the good work and PRACTICE. :)
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